A Journal of our Journeys

About Me

Greetings and Salutations!

I am so happy that you have found my page, and are spending your precious time perusing my posts.  I am a recent re-transplant to Atlanta, Ga.  My husband and I both grew up south of the city, but moved to Florida after we got married to experience life on our own.  We had some great times in Florida, but our last few years were plagued by hardship.  We couldn’t make enough money to do more than break even each month, and without a support system, raising our son on such tight strings presented a huge challenge.

Last summer (2015) we moved back home to the big city, and it seemed to be kismet.  My husband and I both found great jobs that we love.  I managed to land a job that was truly life changing.  I’ve dug my heels in and don’t intend on leaving until time to retire.

When I first started this blog it was devoted to embracing the minimalist lifestyle, learning to make our own products rather than buying everything at the store, and saving money.  I am still interested in all those things, but I am no longer deeply vested enough to be able to keep my blog alive on that premise alone.  Instead, I’ve decided to use it as a journal of our lives.  My hope is that I can provide fun anecdotes about our journey, helpful tips we learn along the way, and maybe spread a little happiness along the way.

Thank you and enjoy!