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Swim Lessons

I’m writing this on my iPhone because I’ve been having issues with my laptop. Recently I installed an antivirus program called Kaspersky. I can’t say that it’s a bad product, because it works fine on my mom’s laptop, but it’s certainly bad for my laptop. Shortly after I installed it my computer started crashing every time I used it. When I finally got it to stay on long enough to properly restart it and run a virus scan, then it worked fine for a while. But the other day it started crashing again. I restarted the computer, uninstalled and reinstalled it, ran a virus scan. Nothing worked. Finally, I just uninstalled the program and disconnected the internet until I can get my usual antivirus software, Norton. I know that I can download it, but then I have to pay full price for it, and I haven’t paid full price for it in years. I usually get it for a discount from No More Rack or eBay.

We started my son in swim lessons this week at the VBG Recreation Center in Riverdale,Ga.  Monday was his first day, and today was his second lesson. He is having a great time, and is excited about learning to swim without his frog (life jacket).

This is from last summer, complete with frog.

This is from last summer, complete with frog.

There is a wide range of of ages in his class, so there are two teachers. One focuses on the kids that can already swim, and teaches them the different strokes. While the other teacher focuses on the smaller kids that are still learning to swim. That’s the group my son is in. We worked with him on swimming without his life jacket last summer, and he was doing really well, but that was months ago. This should get him ready for a summer of swimming like a fish.

My husband doesn’t like the other teacher, the one that teaches the bigger kids. He says that he is rude, and he doesn’t like the way he talks to the kids. He is a bit brisk, but I really saw his value today. A little girl in William’s group is really scared of the water, and just bawls when it’s her turn to swim. Her mom was just about to give up and take her out when he said “I’ve got her.” There was a moment when I was terrified that he was just going to toss her in, but instead he carried her into the water and put on his back. He continued teaching class that way, and when she got tired of that, and started crying again, he moved her to his side, and kept going. Once he had given his directions, and his class started swimming laps, he started working with her on a noodle, showing her how to pull the water with her hands and kick her legs. She was having none of that, and just cried the whole time. She would wail “I want my daddy” and he would say, “Can you swim to him?” When she would say no he’d tell her that she was stuck with him. But at the end of class she managed to kick her way to the side of the pool where her daddy was, blubbering the same whole time, and of course, all the parents gave her a standing ovation for her hard work.



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    Great William is learning to swim

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