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If you’ve been reading my blog the last couple of weeks, then you know that I’ve been recovering from a monster cough.  The doctor said I had a bronchial virus, which I assume is a lot like having bronchitis.  I went to Zumba last week for the first time since I’d gotten sick.  I got through the class, but I was absolutely useless for the rest of the day.  I’m still not really ready to do something as aerobic as Zumba.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been exercising at all.  I’m lucky enough to work right across the street from my gym, so I’ve been going on my lunch break.  I only have enough time to work on the elliptical for about 20 minutes, before hopping in the shower and heading back to work.  I take my book with me and read for the 20 minutes that I’m on the elliptical.  I’ve really been enjoying it.  However, last night my little guy would not go to sleep for anything and I was up until midnight when my hubby finally got home from work and took over so that I could go to bed.  So needless to say, I didn’t have the energy to make it to the gym today.

When I came home for lunch I found my amazing hubby making this:

Homemade Peach Pie
Homemade Peach Pie

I bought a ton of peaches from the farmer’s market this weekend.  I cut the peaches up and put half in the fridge and half in the freezer.  My husband had taken the peaches from the freezer and cooked them down with a bit of bourbon and put them in a pie.  You better believe I spent the rest of the day looking forward to this:


We had invited a friend over for dinner tonight, but she declined as she was going to the gym.  She’s training for a 5k.  Being the thoughtful and considerate friend that I am, I immediately sent her a text letting her know that she had made the right decision not to come over tonight.  Since my husband was making peach pie it would completely undo her workout.  After a very colorful response she laughed and made the comment that she needed to find some healthy snacks because she has been craving junk food lately.

Well, we all have that problem from time to time.  It’s always great to have fruit in the house, but sometimes you just need something a little sweeter to satisfy the cravings.  And when it comes to cravings, I have absolutely no will power at all.  So I thought that this would be a good opportunity to share some of the healthier snacks I reach for when I can’t say ‘no’ to my sweat tooth.

Chocolate covered strawberries:

Grab some sugar free Jello chocolate pudding and dip your strawberries, or any other fruit of your choice, in it.  It is soooo good that you totally forget that it’s not sinful.

courtesy of
courtesy of









Peaches and cream:

My mom will cut up peaches and put them in a bowl with a little bit of milk.  Sprinkle a bit of sugar over the peaches and milk and it’s divine.  Make this even healthier by using a sugar substitute like stevia.

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Peanut Butter Smoothies:

There is little better than a peanut butter smoothie.  And you can change this up depending on what you’re in the mood for.  My favorite is peanut butter and banana.  If it’s a morning smoothie you can add a little bit of coffee.  If you like peanut butter and chocolate, then add some of that Jello chocolate pudding.  There are all kinds of options when it comes to smoothies.

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Of course, when I started focusing on these snacks, I suddenly had a hard time coming up with any, so these three are all that I could eke out.  But I know there’s a lot more great ideas floating around out there.  I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with.

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