We’re hoping to be able to put our house on the market in the next year or so. It will have to sell for enough to pay off our current mortgage, about $120K, and it will have to sell ‘as is’ because we can’t afford to make a lot of expensive repairs and/or upgrades during negotiations. With that in mind, there are some projects that we want to get done in an effort to make the house easier to sell.  I’ve started making a list on Evernote, a great program that can be accessed online or through an app on my kindle. If I make a change to my notebook online it updates my kindle app as well. Then I can take my kindle to home depot and add pictures of supplies that I need, record prices, and the next time I connect to the internet Evernote will sync my changes with my online account.

My list of projects includes refinishing the living room/dining room floor,










repaint and/or finish painting the exterior of the house,










and fix the broken tile in the Florida room.









But the most pressing project includes some bathroom renovations.  Whoever built our house had the brilliant idea to put a window in the shower, complete with window sill. Whenever we take a shower water collects on the sill and it has started rotting the wood on the edge of the sill.

I’ve tried cleaners several different cleaners.  I went to home depot and got their highest recommended mold/mildew remover.  Nothing worked.  I was terrified that the process of removing the rotted wood was going to be near impossible, but I have discovered that not only can it be done, but it can be done by me.  I found this video that shows how to remove the rotted wood and use a wood filler to fill in the area. Today my hubby and I priced the epoxy we would need and it’s only about $8.  We can also get a sheet of drywall to fill in the useless window for about $10. I’m sure that we’ll need more supplies, but I don’t think it well be a very pricey project and it can be done in one day.

One of the projects on my list has already been completed.  Our kitchen sink has been leaking forever.  It’s been fixed several times, but it always starts leaking again.  It takes my husband about 10 minutes to fix it, but this last time I just could not get him to fix it again.  Finally, I told him I wanted him to fix it as a Valentines Day gift to me.  He complained that if he fixed it it would just start leaking again. He wanted to replace the whole faucet, but all the ones we’ve looked at have been pretty expensive.   I was about ready to rip the faucet out of the sink and beat him with it.  Of course, my hubby and I didn’t even see each other for Valentines Day as it was Friday and my husband was at work by the time I got home.  He kept busy before work though.









He managed to find a faucet on sale at Walmart.  And the best part is, it doesn’t leak.  Definitely a score as a Valentines Day gift.

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